All YMS travel players must register with EPYS in GotSport in order to be added to the team roster and obtain a player card. In order to complete the registration, each player will need to:

  • Upload a clear photo
  • Upload a birth certificate/age documentation
  • Electronically sign the EPYS Communicable Disease Agreement form
  • Electronically sign the EPYS Player Registration form
  • NJ residents ONLY: Register with NJYS and upload the permission form


Click the link below for complete GotSport instructions and helpful screenshots.


It is now a requirement by US Soccer that all players 18 and older must complete an online SafeSport Training Program and upload the completed certificate to their GotSport profile. This can only be completed on or after his or her 18th birthday.

All athletes who have turned 18 can access the training here:

The training is free for EPYSA members. The free access code can be obtained either in the GotSport requirements section of the athlete's profile or by emailing

Once the athlete has completed the course, they must save a copy of the completion certificate. They can upload it to their requirements section of their player profile in GotSport by using the "Show Upload Form".

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why must the athlete complete SafeSport Training?

A: US Soccer has mandated that all athletes over the age of 18 be SafeSport trained.

What does the SafeSport Training cover?

A: The Center for SafeSport launched this new training with the athlete in mind. This educational course will help the adult athlete better understand important topics such as power imbalance, consent, retaliation, the importance of bystander intervention, and how to report misconduct.

How does the athlete take SafeSport training?

A: Create a profile at and complete the course. SAVE YOUR CERTIFICATE!

I see "Start Course" in the athletes GotSport account. Can I use that link for the training?

A: Yes, but keep in mind, the email of the GotSport User ID must match the email of the athlete account registration in SafeSport. At this time, it is recommended to use the link provided in #3

How will the athlete show their coach/club they have completed the training?

A: The athlete or parent can upload the saved certificate to their profile under requirements. Use the "show upload form" tool.



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