Spring League 2019

Registration for the YMS  Adult Coed Spring League is now open.

Tentative dates: Sept.9th, Sept. 16th, Sept. 23rd, Sept. 30th, Oct.14th, Oct. 21st,Oct. 28th, Nov.4th, (RAIN DATE) Nov. 11th

Fee : $110 per player

Games : ( 1 game  per week)

Format: 9 v 9 ( NEW FORMAT)

Days: Sunday Mornings

Times: 8:00 am/9:00 am ( TURF FIELD)

March 31st Opening Day
April 7th
April 14th
April 21stHolidays-No games
April 28th
May 5th
May 12thNO GAMES
EPIC Tournament
May 19th
May 26thNO GAMES
Memorial Day Weekend
June 2nd
June 9thEnd of season
June 16thRain date

Summer League 2018

Fields/TimesJune 26th June 28thJuly 4th week -OFFJuly 10thJuly 12th July 17th
Make up on Aug. 1st
July 19thJuly 24thJuly 26thJuly 31stAugust 1Aug 2nd
Field 1- 6:30PM1v23v15v1Make up on August 2nd- ALL TEAMSField D1
Field 2-6:30PM4v310v86v2Field D2(Grass) 6:30PM1v810v29v82v57v41v82v3
Field 1- 7:40 PM6v55v73v9Field D1
Field 2-7:40PM7v86v98v4Field D2
Field 3-7:40PM9v102v410v7
Field 1-8:50PMField D1
Field 2-8:50PM
Team 1-BossioTeam 2-PhancookTeam 3-EdelsteinTeam 4-OrrTeam 5-LabiakTeam 6- CastilloTeam 7- KarabellTeam 8-MillerTeam 9- SlotnickTeam 10-Goldberg

2012-06-25 23.17.45
mikey adult league

Summer 2018


Rosters: 14 per team (max).MINIMUM IS 12 PLAYERS PER TEAM...NO EXCEPTIONS!! AND THIS IS COED, SO YOU MUST HAVE 1 FEMALE PLAYER. Most teams have 2-3 ( THIS IS A COED FUN LEAGUE!) You can get your friends together and try and form a team, or you can come in as an individual and meet new people. PLEASE INDICATE ON THE FORM IN SPECIAL REQUEST AREA IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE A CAPTAIN! Players must be at least 16 years old by start of season .         

Where: Macclesfield Field Turf

For more information you can go to Registration on the website and sign up. Teams will be formed once everyone is signed up. The draft for open players will be held in early June. If you want to play with your friends , please indicate this on special request on the form.  Get out there, get in shape , and have fun meeting new people!  Registration is open until June 10th, after that date, late fees apply.

Click on the sidebar link to register on line for the Summer Leagues.



YMS Adult Coed League Rules

  • Game Duration : Two 30 Minute halves ( 5 Minute halftime)
  • # of Players on the field: 8 Players total . 7 field players plus a goalie.
  • Substitutions: You may substitute on six yarders and either teams throw - ins. Referee must be aware of substitutions.
  • No Slide Tackling:
  • 1st Offense- Yellow Card and Sit for 5 minutes ( can sub for yellow card)
  • 2nd Offense- Red Card and must sit out next game.( cannot sub for red card in that plays short that game.)
  • No Off-sides
  • No Fighting: Immediate Red card for fighting.
  • Banned from the league for the rest of the season( no refunds).
  • Goalies: No punts or drop kicks of the ball after a save.
  • (Goalie)Balls must be distributed by throwing or placing the ball on the ground and kicking it back in play.
  • Re- Starts: With the exception of a penalty kick and corner kick. All Re-starts are indirect.Penalty kicks are taken at center of the line of the penalty box parallel to the goal line
  • Side line out of bounds is THROW IN back into play.
  • Beverages on the field- ONLY WATER in plastic or non -glass containers.
  • No spectators inside the fence- ALL non- players must remain outside the turf fence.
  • All other FIFA Rules are in place.
  • All players MUST be registered- NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • This League has a wide range of players and levels of player experience. The intention is to play and have fun. NO disrespecting of players or referees will be tolerated. YMS – Turf Field Rules
  • No food or drinks (except water) permitted on the turf field
  • No chewing gum, candy or sunflower seeds permitted on the turf field
  • No Spitting!!
  • No metal cleats permitted on turf field. Rubber or plastic cleats only
  • No jumping off/over fences. No one is permitted on the fields until the gates are officially open. • During games and practices, only coaches and players are permitted within the gated turf area.
  • Parents, siblings and friends of players MUST remain outside the gated turf area at all times! No Children inside gated area for safety reasons.
  • No dogs or other animals permitted on the turf field.
  • All teams should clean-up after games and practices. Empty bottles should NEVER be left behind on or near the fields. Parents and spectators should use receptacles provided and not leave trash in the field area.