Through the use of professional trainers, small sided competition, and an environment where players are free to express their creativity, the YMS Academy program offers players an opportunity to develop their full potential. 



Players need the following to develop to their potential:

  • Plenty of individual possession and touches that teach ball control
  • The ability to try new skills and experiment in a pressure-free environment
  • Focus on technical development and NOT game tactics
  • No win-loss pressure
  • No designated positions that prevent development of an “all-around” player or reduce active game time
  • A vibrant, creative and fun atmosphere


“In the Academy, no set teams are formed but rather we establish player pools. At each age group, the format is changed to expose the player to new competitive environments while continuing to focus on technical development.”

– Sharon Kelso, YMS Director of Soccer


Training 2x/week, 1.5 hour each; professional trainers

  • Fall 10 weeks (Sept. through 1st or 2nd week of Nov.)
  • Spring 10 weeks (Mid-March through May)


What kind of child is the Academy program right for?

The Academy program is a good fit for any child who shows an active interest both playing soccer and developing their skills. The Academy program provides the opportunity to develop skills beyond the in-house program. Since practices are twice a week for 1.5 hours, boys and girls should be able to maintain their energy and interest for that timeframe. Previous soccer experience is expected.


Can my child play in the Academy program and still do other sports?

Yes. YMS understands (and encourages) that kids may be playing other sports, or other activities, that from time to time may conflict with the soccer season. This is understood and accepted. Having said this, we do expect the boys and girls to make most practices and games so they can develop their skills and be part of the team.


If your child is interested in playing in the YMS Academy program, please complete the form and a member of our coaching staff will contact you. (Current YMS Academy players DO NOT need to fill out this form.)