Recreation League Coaches:

Follow the instructions below.


Travel Coaches/Managers & Trainers:

Click on "Start Course" within your GotSport dashboard to launch SafeSport directly, or follow the instructions below.


Players 18 & Older:

Scroll down for instructions.


If this is your first training, it will take over an hour. If this is a refresher for you, it will take 30 minutes



  1. Re-Connect or Sign Up.
    • Returning U.S. Soccer learners:  Go to:  Log-in or follow the Forgot Password steps on the top right to get a new password on the new training site. (If prompted for an Enrollment Key, email to obtain it.)
    • New learners from U.S. Soccer: CLICK HERE to sign up. To complete the Sign Up process add your information, including your Membership ID (if available), Sport Team is your team’s name.
  2. Find. From the home screen, locate your required training course and select Enroll.
  3. Go. Click the Start button when you are ready to begin.  You may pause the course as needed. (Do not navigate away from your screen during videos or it will interrupt progress.)
  4. Save. After completion, download your certificate of completion.
    • Select the “Menu” icon at the top right of your page.
    • Select “Transcript”.
    • Once the transcript page displays, locate the most current completion for the course under the “Certificates” section.
    • Download the certificate by selecting the “Download” button at the right of the completed course.
  5. Upload. Upload your certificate of completion to the appropriate portal.
  6. Trust. You are supported. Please reach out to the US Center for SafeSport should you have any concerns about your safety in sport.



Training runs on a four-year cycle.  If you have never completed SafeSport training, or it has been more than four years prior, start with the course: “SafeSport Trained – U.S. Soccer Federation”.  The following year you should take the next available Refresher Course.  After taking “Refresher 3” your next course would be the “SafeSport Trained – U.S. Soccer Federation” course again.

  • Year 1: SafeSport Trained – U.S. Soccer Federation
  • Year 2: Refresher 1
  • Year 3: Refresher 2
  • Year 4: Refresher 3
  • Year 5: SafeSport Trained – U.S. Soccer Federation (the cycle begins again)

Note:  There are supplemental courses available in the catalog.  These are provided to you at no cost, but they are optional and DO NOT meet the training requirements established by the Center for SafeSport.



For SafeSport access issues, email Meghan Petroski at EPYSA:

For log-in, certificate, or tech support - please create a SafeSport support ticket at:


It is now a requirement by US Soccer that all players 18 and older must complete an online SafeSport Training Program and upload the completed certificate to their GotSport profile. This can only be completed on or after his or her 18th birthday. The training is free for EPYSA members.

Once the athlete has completed the course, they must save a copy of the completion certificate. They can upload it to their requirements section of their player profile in GotSport by using the "Show Upload Form" or email the certificate to




  2. Complete information on “Sign Up” page.
  3. If prompted, log in to the new account you just created.
  4. Click on “Menu” and select “Catalog”
  5. Click the Start button for "Safesport Abuse Prevention for Adult Athletes - U.S. Soccer"
  6. Download your certificate of completion:
    1. Select the “Menu” icon at the top right of your page.
    2. Select “Transcript”
    3. Under Certificates Section, click on Download next to the most recently completed course
  7. Upload your certificate of completion to GotSport, or email it to for upload.



Why must the athlete complete SafeSport Training?

US Soccer has mandated that all athletes over the age of 18 be SafeSport trained.

What does the SafeSport Training cover?

The Center for SafeSport launched this new training with the athlete in mind. This educational course will help the adult athlete better understand important topics such as power imbalance, consent, retaliation, the importance of bystander intervention, and how to report misconduct.

How will the athlete show their coach/club they have completed the training?

The athlete or parent can upload the saved certificate to their GotSport profile under requirements using the "show upload form" tool or email the certificate to



Questions? Please email