Online Check-in Procedures

*Please read the following in its entirety as it contains important information about event check-in *

To complete the online check-in please follow these instructions.

1. Go to your GOTSoccer team page

2. Click on 2019 EPIC Tournament located under "Event Registration History"

3. Click on the "Documents" tab on the far right

4. Load Documents

The following documents must be uploaded into your team's GOTSoccer account no

later than Monday, May 6, 2019.

Failure to upload information prior to the date listed will result in disqualification from the tournament with no refund. Any changes made after the deadline must be communicated to the tournament director.

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1. Approved/Certified Roster from your State/National Association (Must not exceed 14)

players 7v7, 16 players 9v9 and 18 players 11v11- including guest players).

2. Player Passes.

3. Team Medical Release Certification – listed on the EPIC web page.

4. Permission to Travel - Not required for Region 1 and US Club teams.

5. Guest Player Forms (If applicable) Or written on the bottom of roster with required player information (max of 5 guest players)

** All uploaded files should be in PDF format. Documents uploaded in JPEG

format will not be accepted. No photos of the documents will be accepted.

Online Registration questions: please contact Mike Corso -

** Documents should be uploaded as 1 file per category rather than

individually scanned and uploaded.


Category 1: Approved/ Certified roster


Category 2: Player Passes


Category 3: Medical Release Certification Form

CURRENT Category 4: Permission to travel (if applicable)

Category 5: Guest Player forms (if applicable)

In addition to the above documents, the team's coach/manager must bring the

following the above information with them to each game for verification.

Guest Player Information

Your sanctioning board is the first contact you should make if you have questions

about guest players and the forms, they will need. As long as you are in good standing

with them you are in good standing with our event. Continue reading for basic guest

player information.

Guest Player Release Forms are required for all players not shown on

your Approved/Certified Roster from your State/National Association.

Important Reminder: EPYS / USYS does not allow EPYS / USYS registered players

to guest play for a team that is not affiliated with US Youth Soccer. All guest players on

EPYS / USYS registered teams must be affiliated with EPYS / USYS or a state

association of US Youth Soccer. Example:

A US Club/AYSO passes cannot be used on a EPYSA /USYSA team and EPYSA/USYSA passes cannot be used on a US Club/AYSO team.

Team Confirmation: Please locate team status by logging onto team account and selecting event "2018 EPIC Tournament", then select documents tab, team status will be confirmed under the notes section. This will be posted Wednesday of the tournament at the latest.

Online Registration questions: please contact Mike Corso –