US Club Carding Procedures

If you are going to obtain US club cards for your team, please read the following procedures.

  1. Please contact the club Admin( Patty Deininger) to be added to the YMS staff in US club.
  2. Send admin coaches names, address, email for those coaches you needed added to the team staff.
  3. Once the staff is added, you need to go into US club with the passwords provided by your admin. and fill out a risk form.

To complete a US Club Soccer background check application you go to our website, hover your mouse over the resources tab and click on the background check link.  For your convenience, here is the link to complete a background check application.

You need to upload your PA clearances into the background check application, not directly onto our KYCK site.  The following are some tips to make uploading the PA documents easier:

  1. We suggest you use one of our recommended browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari and if you have tried to upload the documents before and are having issues, clear your browser history / cookies before you try again.
  2. They must be saved in either a pdf or jpeg format.
  3. If they are not uploading they are too big, keep reducing the size until they fit (clearing your browser history / cookies before you try uploading them again).
  4. There cannot be any symbols in the name of the document.  It must be all letters and or numbers only.


Have a great day,

Note: We are currently running 2 – 3 business days for processing

For all the latest announcements, updates, forms and registration tips, please check the Members Area  located on the overview tab for more information. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.



Rose Barry

Admin Region B

Office hours:  Monday-Friday 9-5 EST

716 8th Avenue N           |   Myrtle Beach, SC  29577      

(843) 429-0006 Ext 321 |

  1. After you are added to the staff, you need to build your team. You need to have pictures and B/Cs available to build your team.
  2. Once the team is loaded into the system, you can then order your cards thru the admin. You need to have a valid credit card, billing address, and cell phone avail. to your admin to order the cards. ( see US club for card prices.)
  3. ** All players must be released in the US CLUB SYSTEM  by their old clubs in order for  the regional admin . to issue new cards for your team. You wil need to contact the old coach or parents to have them released from their old clubs.
  4. The passes are sent via email to the admin and forwarded to you  in pdf. format.
  5. You need to print out the cards on stock paper, and then self laminate. The pictures print out on the cards. They are pre stamped.
  6. Please go to the US club site for more information about carding and tournament information.