Procedure for carding a NJ player who will be on your YMS PA roster 2017-2018

Click here for forms for a NJ player to be carded  for your YMS PA roster.  Please complete both forms.

  1. On the player membership forms please leave the League, league # and pass # blank. 
  2. You must include the club name, team name and age group or it can not be processed.
  3. Please send a copy of the players birth certificate (do not send the original), $10.00 and 2 passport sized colored photos on real photo paper. 
  4. Photos printed from a computer on copy paper will not be accepted.
  5. If you would like the validated form and pass sent to someone other than the player please include that information in the return packet to me, otherwise it will be returned to the player.
  6. I can not validate the pass until at least the first week of August.
  7. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask me.

Have a nice day!
Lindsey Nappi
Asst. to the Director of Coaching, NJYS
(o) 609-490-0725
(f) 609-490-0731