Directors' Development Program Information



Mission Statement: The Directors Development Program (DDP) will provide a player-centered Developmental program that focuses on creating a nurturing, educational soccer environment.

Founding Clubs
Nether United, Rage SC, Spirit United, West Chester United, West-Mont United & YMS.


  1. Provide appropriate competition.
  2. Provide appropriate training to game ratio.
  3. Encourage creative freedom in training & in games.
  4. Create free player movement within clubs.
  5. Reduce fear of failure by eliminating the pressure of winning games with more emphasis  on individual player development.
  6. Reduce the labeling players as “A” & “B” players at such a young age as all players will be registered with US Club & will benefit from the club pass system thus enhancing the development process.
  7. Appropriate travel to play time ratio.


  1. Clubs will participate in four festivals in the fall & three to four festivals in the spring.
  2. Game formats will include but not limited to 8 v 8, 5 v 5, free-play & ability based games.
  3. Set dates for friendly games which clubs can choose to utilize or not.
  4. Emphasis on players making decisions on the field by coaches limiting their coaching points to natural stoppages & ensuring the players learn the game as they play.
  5. Emphasis on keeping the games flowing by limiting number of time substitutions are made.
  6. Emphasis on setting technical goals during games rather than measuring success by results as there will be no scores or standings kept in any DDP event.