Program Bylaws


2011-12 Program Bylaws

Order of Business

Section 1.1: The order of business at all DDP’s meetings shall be as follows:

  1. Minutes of previous meeting
  2. Communications
  3. Financial Report
  4. Old business
  5. New business
  6. Next scheduled meeting date
  7. Adjournment





Club / Organization Membership:
Section 2.1: Club Requirements

  1. Must be an established EPYSA sanctioned club/organization.
  2. Must have a nationally licensed Director of Coaching.
  3. Must share the vision, purpose, and mission of the DPP.
  4. Must have minimum 24 player pool for each age/gender for each participating age group.
  5. Must place all Club registered teams and/or player pools in each age division/gender made available by the Program.
  6. Active DPP Club teams may not participate in other competitive outdoor leagues.

  1. Active DPP Club teams may not participate in EPYSA, US Club, or similar indoor/outdoor State Cup competitions.
  2. Clubs must adhere to all DPP policies, operations, bylaws, and governance.


Section 2.2: Coaching Staff Requirements:

  1. Each Club must present an Age Group Coordinator for each age division
  2. All Coordinators must have a minimum of USSF D license or equivalent.
  3. Coordinators must obtain USSF C license or equivalent within 3 years of league acceptance.
  4. Coordinators and Coaches must adhere to Program member Code of Conduct.


Section 2.3: Application / Acceptance Process:

  1. Interested Clubs can apply on a semi-annual basis (summer/winter) by sending letter of interest to one of Charters Club’s Director of Coaching.
  2. Applying Club DOC must attend DPP meeting to apply their respective Club.
  1. Club DOC must present their Club’s development program/philosophy.
  2. Final acceptance based on 2/3 or more vote from existing Club charter.
  1. Upon acceptance;
  1. Clubs will have one year probationary period.
  2. Must sign a participation/acceptance agreement.

       4.      The DPP has a maximum number of participating clubs / organizations during any one season (10). 


Section 2.4: Good Standing:
             1.   A club maintains good standing with the DDP by fulfilling all of its obligations.  Members must                                     adhere to the DPP bylaws, code of conduct, and follow any policy changes issued by the DPP Charter members    committee. Any club found to be not in good standing with the DDP may be refused registration to the following season’s program, or may be asked to withdraw from the program.


Section 2.5: Program Withdrawal:
            1.   Any club / organization wishing to withdraw from the program must notify the DPP committee a minimum of  60 days notice prior to the first festival date of the fall season.

          2.   Any club / organization wishing to withdraw from the program must notify the DPP committee a minimum of  60 days notice prior to the first festival date of the spring season.
        3.  Failure to provide correct and timely communication may result in a suspension from applying to the DPP in future seasons / years.


Playing Rules:

Section 3.1: Seasons:

  1. The seasonal soccer year shall be from August 1st to July 31st the following calendar year.


Section 3.2: Playing Rules:

  1. The playing rules of the DDP games / festivals will be in accordance with FIFA, USSF, and Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer (EPYSA), as applicable, except as modified in they bylaws or the DPP, or the additional rules and regulations as determined by the charter member committee.  Failure to abide by the listed rules and regulations will result in disciplinary action.
       5v5 FORMAT:

a)   Kick -ins will be used to restart the game (replacing throw-ins).

b)   Each team will field 4 outfield players and 1 goalkeeper.

c)   All restarts are in-direct.

d)   Game length-structure - 4x 15 minute periods.


             8v8 FORMAT:

                a)  Throw-ins will be used

                b) Each team will field 7 outfield players and 1 goalkeeper.

                c) Restarts will follow FIFA, USSF, EPYSA 8v8 format rules.

                d) Game length-structure - 3x 20 minute periods.



   Section 3.3: Field Requirements:

        1.  5v5 FORMAT:
                a)  Field length: 40 yards 
                b) Field width: 30 yards

                c) Goal size: 6ft by 9ft

        2.   8v8 FORMAT:
                   a)  Length 70-80 yards

                b) Width  40-50 yards
                c)  Goal size: Min 6ft by 18ft / Max 7ft by 21ft


The home club / organization is responsible for providing adequate goals, nets, corner flags, and field markings.  The home club / organization must provide an adequate playing surface and correctly secured / weighted goals.


Section 3.4: Field Conditions / Game Cancellations:

  1. The hosting club / organizations Director of Coaching or Age Group Coordinator has the   authority to close fields and cancel games is they deem fields to be unplayable.  
  2. Hosting clubs / organizations must give at least 2 hours notice to traveling teams if there any  field closures.
  3. If field conditions deteriorate during the game or during the two hour notification period.  The final decision on the status of the game will lie with the referee and hosting club officials.





Section 3.5: Separation of Teams / Supporters:

  1. The home team selects on side of the sideline, along which all of its coaches and players must remain.
  2. All visiting coaches and players must remain along the other half of the same sideline.
  3. Supporter of both teams must remain on the opposite side of the field.  With each separate group of supporters located on a specific half of the sideline.


Section 3.6:  Sideline Behavior & Management:

  1. Coaches from both teams must control their players and supporters.
  2. All members parents, coaches, players must abide by the DDP’s code of conduct.


Section 3.7:  Payment of Officials:

  1. The hosting club / organization is responsible to pay all officials.
  2. The hosting club / organization must invoice participating clubs within 10 business days post festival.
  3. Participating clubs must submit a payment within 10 business days or receiving an invoice.
  4. For all friendly games schedule between DDP members: teams will split the cost of referees, and will pay the referee on game day.


Section 3.8:  When Officials Fail to Appear:

  1. If game officials fail to arrive for scheduled festival / game.  Both coaches must agree to assign the most qualified parent to officiate the game.
  2. If coaches cannot agree upon a qualified parent to officiate game.  Each coach must alternate officiating periods.


Section 3.9:  Pre-Game Formalities:

  1. Coaches must show officials a valid coaches  pass prior to games.
  2. Rosters, player passes must be made available for review if opposing coach or Director asks to view them.


Section 3.10: Post-Game Formalities:

  1. Any red-cards or major incidents (injuries & sideline behavior), must be emailed to the Charter Clubs DDP committee within 48 hours post game Kick Off time.


Section 3.11: Player Movement:

  1. The DDP will operation on a club pass format.
  2. Any player within an age group can participate in any fixture for that age group.
  3. Talented U08 players can play up an age group if they are carded players within their club.
  4. Players that need more game experience or are on rehab from serious injuries or illness may play down an age group upon approval from opposing clubs Director of Coaching or Age Group Director.



Penalties & Appeals:

  1. The Charter Members Committee shall have the authority to penalize all violations of the programs bylaws, and other rules or policies which occur during the course of the season.
  2. Any club wishing to appeal a penalty or action must present their case at an upcoming DPP Committee meeting.
  3. The committee will decide by vote if the penalty / action shall remain or be revoked.






Program Governance:

  1. Each member clubs Director(s) of Coaching will sit on the DPP committee.
  2. Each member clubs Director(s) of Coaching must attend a minimum of two DPP Development Meetings a season.  (one during the fall season, and one during the spring season).
  3. A review of program structure / format will take place at each meeting, disciplinary issues will be discussed, and festival schedules will be finalized.  Also program applications will be reviewed.
  4. During the development meetings any amendments to the program rules or format can be presented to the Directors’ Development Program committee.
  5. Each founding member club get’s a double vote regardless of how many Directors of Coaching sit on the committee.  All other DDP member clubs receive one vote.